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How Zibew’s Online Pharmacy Platform Helps Pharmacy Chains go Online?

Executive Summary

In this case study, we talk about how Zibew’s Online Pharmacy Platform can enable Pharmacy Chains to go online and tap into the endless potential offered by Online E-Commerce.

Challenges of Taking Orders via Phone Call

Since the 1990s, pharmacies across the world have been taking orders via Phones and doing home delivery of prescription drugs. Some of the large pharmacy chains have set-up large scale call-centers for taking the orders via Phone calls. While this model of connecting with the customers and home delivery has sustained for more than three decades, it has several disadvantages.

  • Call Centre to take orders: Requires Centralized Call-Centre Support to take orders. The call-center personnel should be equipped with pharmacy knowledge.
  • Time Consuming Conversations: Involves time-consuming conversations with customers regarding quotations, random requests, etc.
  • Prescription Validity Check: No guarantee that customer has a valid prescription or not.
  • Redirecting Orders to Nearest Pharmacy: Once the order is received, the order needs to be passed to the local pharmacy for delivery. This is prone to communication problems.
  • Communication Errors: Involves taking details of the prescription over the phone, which can be prone to errors.

Mobile Apps for Ordering Medicines

Mobile apps provide an exciting solution for pharmacies, especially pharmacy chains to directly receive orders from the customers and do home delivery of medicines.

Consumer application

Our consumer applications allow users to register with a social platform and get authenticated by OTP. With our app, users can order healthcare products, OTC products, etc. and track the overall order journey.

How to Order Medicines using the mobile app?

Following are the different ways customers can order medicines using the White-Labelled Consumer App

  • Upload the Prescription: Take a picture of the prescription given by the doctor and Upload it to the mobile app.  
  • Search & Order:  User can also search the medicines and medical products catalog, add medicines to the cart and order medicines.
  • Refill Orders: Users can re-order the prescriptions from the previous order. This is most suitable for the chronic patients, who order the same set of medicines each month.
  • Pharmacy-based order : Users can choose the nearest pharmacy depending upon the delivery address and place an order to the desired pharmacy.

We Help customer to track their health

Apart of medicine ordering our features allow users to keep a track of their health using the mobile application.

  • Health records: User can upload medical records on the app to keep them safe, secure and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Detailed digital medical records help you in getting a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Set pill reminders: User can set the reminders of at what time the medication should be taken, then the app will automatically remind the user when to take your medicines and track about the medicines intake status.
  • Health articles: Admin can post thousands of health articles on the app which will help users to get knowledge on various health issues.
  • Chat: Consumer can chat with the pharmacist to interact better for all the health support queries.

Zibew Pharmacy application

Zibew pharmacy applications allow the pharmacist to process online orders along with consumer interaction via chat which provides a premium experience to the consumer.

How to onboard your pharmacy chains in the app?

It’s very simple for a pharmacy chains to register all the pharmacies in the application by following these simple steps:

  • Ask all your pharmacy managers to download the application.
  • Ask them to register with the store email id / any specific email id of the pharmacy.
  • Ask them to enter all the details of the pharmacy which includes pharmacy name, address, discount percentage and delivery radius.
  • Ask them to provide the required documentation.
  • Once verified provide them the PIN number to access the app.

How will pharmacy process an order?

Processing an order is at the fingertips of every pharmacist when an order is assigned to it by updating the order status.


  • Pending:  When an order is placed to a pharmacy until the pharmacy accepts the order the default status of an order is pending.


  • Confirmed: When the pharmacy views the order and able to deliver the order it can update the order to confirmed.
  • Processing: When the pharmacy is packing the order then the order can be updated to processing.
  • Dispatched: When the delivery packet is dispatched from the pharmacy then the order status can be updated to dispatched.
  • Delivered: When the order is marked delivered by the delivery partner then the order status will the updated to delivered.
  • Complete: when the order is received by the consumer and he updates as order received then the order is completed.
  • Canceled: Both the consumer and pharmacy can cancel the order with a valid reason.


We empower  pharmacy to update an order

A pharmacy has an ability to update an order in the following ways:

  • Updating an prescription order : When the order is made by a prescription then the pharmacist can validate the prescription and update the medicines to an order.
  • Chat : User can request the pharmacy in the chat about the order update so that pharmacy can add medicines to the order.
  • Charges: Pharmacy has the feasibility to add delivery/packing charges for an order if required.

Business  Analysis?

Our set business analysis reports make the pharmacy validate the business

  • Reports : Zibew analytical reports helps the pharmacy to track the business in all the aspects i.e. revenue and order process rate.

Zibew Pharmacy application

A powerful tool where the complete management of the pharmacy chain is processed.


  • Analytical dashboard : Ability to get the analytical data of all the orders and customers to get the best understanding of the business.
  • Escalation engine : The Escalation engine acts as a kickstart of all your orders where you can process the orders without any delay for giving the best customer experience.
  • Order management : Ability to management the order by processing the order, forwarding the order to nearby stores, ability to add products, delete products and manage the overall order journey.
  • Inventory management : Ability to create categories wise product database with various parameters required i.e. Cost,SKUID, prescription/non-prescription etc.
  • Stock Management : Ability to manage the internal stock of the store with a detailed analysis on expiry nature and stock levels.
  • Reports : Ability to generate reports on orders, revenue, customers and other needed parameters.
  • Web portal management : Ability to customise and management the user facing web portal from the admin portal.
  • Chat : Ability to chat with the customers and pharmacy chains managers of your pharmacy.
  • Promotions : Ability to create discount coupons and promote the pharmacy for better growth of your business.
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