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ZibPOS - Mobile POS & Inventory Management System for Pharmacies


ZibPOS has everything you need to start, run and grow your business from your Android or IOS point-of-sale device. ZibPOS app keeps track of sales and inventory in real-time, manage items and employees and helps to view analytics about your business.

What We Offer


 Zsmart POS App makes it easy to take and manage your sales. All your inventory and customer data are automatically synced while billing.


 Zsmart POS App makes it easy to Create unlimited products with a picture, SKU, batches, cost info and quantity. The App helps supports to Organize products by category.


 Monitor your reports to understand the past, present and future of your business

Product catalog

 This Product Catalogue helps to store unlimited products with faster and more efficient access to product information while billing.

Customer management

Add unlimited clients to your database. The app will track the sales which help to record and track their purchase history.

Discounts and taxes

 Create and apply discounts and taxes during checkout by entering an amount or percentage



  • Pharmacist can search medicines with medicine name, category or scan the medical barcode and add medicines to the cart.
  • While billing the inventory,pricing and batches are automatically synced.
  • Pharmacist can add customer details to get the previous ordered medicine information.
  • The app has the ability to take the prescription for the medicines which require prescriptions and store it at the order level.
  • Pharmacist can apply discounts on individual product and order level.
  • Pharmacist can proceed with billing and once the billing is completed the digital receipts are send to user mail and also can be printed out.


  • Pharmacist can add products with a picture, SKU, batches, cost info and quantity and update them in the inventory.
  • Every new batch of the product can be added to the product inventory which gives the visibility on the stock information in real time.
  • Products can be organized by category in inventory.
  • Pharmacist can get info about the product which are running low and restock in seconds.
  • Low stock medicines are added to the running list which can be taken a print and send for restock to the associated distributor.

Product catalog

  • Products can be distinguished on the basis of category, manufacturer, health issues.
  • Products can be listed at any level by product name, price, images, manufacturer details, stock value, taxation, descriptions.
  • The light weight inventory tracker helps to maintain product inventory and alerts pharmacist in case of low stock.
  • Pharmacists can add or delete products, change the availability status of each product in product catalog

Digital receipts

  • Save trees!Go paperless! Customize digital authenticated receipts.
  • Email or send message to your customers a copy of the sales receipt.
  • Send digital receipt via social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and many more.
  • App gets connected with the bluetooth printer and pharmacist can print the hard copy of the digital receipts.


  • Want to know your product sales on a specific day or over a period of time? Zsmart POS pulls up sales information in a blink of an eye.
  • Analyze each and every product sold.
  • View and manage all the orders.
  • Cancel transactions right away with just a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Our app provides the ease to Add or delete thousands of orders in a few minutes.

Customer management

  • Create a customer by entering their name, image, email and phone number.
  • The app will track the sales which help to record and track their purchase history.
  • Can add the family members of the user and perform billing on them.
  • Bill can be split among friends, family members and other special ones.


  • Reports can be generated on various specifications like successful orders, return orders, unsold products, most popular items, products by quantity and price can be obtained.
  • Generate today’s total sales report within desired time line.
  • Generate the report on all the data regarding best products, low sold products, high in demand and low demand product.
  • Generate reports on expired products.

Discounts and taxes

  • Create and apply discounts and taxes during checkout by entering an amount or percentage.
  • Validate the discount which was created and view the total amount saved on each product after applying discount.
  • Track down the performance and billing done by the particular discount coupon.
  • Pull up a report for total revenue generated due to discounts.

Multiple Payment Methods

  • Zsmart Pos allows multiple forms of payment. Select from Cash, Card or Credit.
  • The app also supports split payment mode where customer can split a bill with a mix of cash and cards.

Employee management

  • Add multiple employee details with multiple user roles in your database.
  • Enter emplyoee name, image, email, designation, date of joining and phone number to create an employee account.
  • You can assign the PIN for the employee to perform billing.
  • You can create the working shifts and assign shifts to the employees.
  • App can calculate total revenue generated by an employee.
  • App will calculate total working hours of an employee which will help to calculate his pay.

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