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Artificial Intelligence Based Health Advisor

We have a built an AI-based health assistant that analyses the user order history, user profile and search history of the user and does recommendations on different non-prescription based products that a user can buy. In the background, we cluster users into different health issue categories (diabetic, hypertension, thyroid, etc.) and identify which set of products users are buying for each category. All of this is done using Machine learning Algorithms.

Health Product Recommendations

Health Advisor uses Artificial intelligence to analyze the search and order history of the user, profiles the user and recommends useful non-prescription based health products.

Improved Medical Adherence via Alerts

Health Advisor tracks the previously ordered prescriptions and alerts the users on Pill Reminders, relevant health articles, etc.

Tracking Body Vitals & Providing Recommendations

Health Advisor tracks the body vitals of the user such as steps walked, sleeping patterns, etc. and provides recommendations to the user on how to improve the health.

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