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Voice Command (NLP) based Ordering & App Usage

We have built a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based data platform that helps in using the App via user talking with the app. We currently have built the functionality for entire order processing via voice commands. Using this functionality, users can search for medicines and medical products through voice commands, add products to the cart and order medicines. Our roadmap includes setting up prescription reminders, doctor appointments and tracking health records via voice instructions.

Ordering via Voice instructions

Patients suffering from Parkinson Disease, blind or semi blind patients, or those patients who are finding it difficult to use the App can order medicines just by giving voice instructions.

Feeding Medical Data to the App via Taking

Using our NLP platform, we are building the capability to feed medical data into the app via user talking with the app. For example, user can feed in health vitals such as weight by just talking with the app, stating the body weight is so and so.

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