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ZibDX: Distributor Pharmacy Connect Platform

Problem Statement

In ASIAN countries, Pharma Distributors (or wholesalers) distribute medicines to multiple pharmacies within their geography. Typically, pharmacies inform the distributors about out of stock medicines and the distributors fulfill those medicines on a daily basis. The process of pharmacies informing the distributors about out of stock medicines and subsequent order fulfillment involves a lot of manual effort. Distributor-Pharmacy Connect Platform (ZibDX) aims to reduce the manual effort by automating the supply-chain processes between Pharmacies and Pharma Distributors.

Results of our survey with 500+ Pharmacies across India and Indonesia.

Peak hours

The pharmacy has to make multiple phone calls to place an order during peak hours which results in order loss.

Lack of consistency

Lack of consistency in order confirmation from distributors leads to order loss.

 Returned Orders

Due to human errors, 5% of the products placed in an order are returned back.

Lack of awareness

Pharmacies don’t have visibility of the stock available with the distributor.

92% Offline Orders

  • 92% of Pharmacies have mentioned that they place their orders to pharma distributors using either a phone call or through a message.
  • Pharma distributors are often fragmented and complicated. Ordering offline becomes a very tedious job.
  • Tracking of order is only done through placing a phone call which might lead to misguided information.
  • Often pharmacies are not aware of the availability of required medicines from a pharma distributor which often leads to huge wastage of time.
  • Ordering medicines from a distributor offline involve unwanted conversation leading to wastage of time.

Our Solution

Our white labeled pharma distributors empowers them to take their business online, where pharma distributors can sell their products to pharmacies directly through our distributor app and manage all the orders placed by pharmacies through the administration portal. An online platform will increase the reachability of distributors beyond their geographical limitations, helping them in expanding their business across various locations with less cost and more efficiency.

ZibDX consists of two major components:

  1. White-labelled Android & iOS Distributor Apps: We provide White-labelled Android & iOS Apps for Pharma Distributors with their custom branding i.e. Pharma Distributors will have their own App on Google Play or Apple Store. Pharmacies can download these apps from the Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Backend Administration Portal for Pharma Distributor: The backend administration portal is a Cloud based solution for Pharma Distributors to track the orders being received from the pharmacies and do order fulfilment. This solution is accessible using the browser.

Pharmacy Application

Some hidden features of our platform.

Running List

Pharmacies can add the required medicines to the running list which helps in efficient order management.


Our app displays all the current schemes and discounts provided by pharma distributor to their pharmacies.


Products are categorised on the basis of category, sub category and manufacturer with all the product information which helps pharmacy can directly add products to running list.


Chat feature enables pharmacies to interact with their pharma distributor without placing a call every time.


Pharmacies can track all the orders with their status.Orders provide detailed info of the approved products along with the digital invoice.


Pharmacist can get a detailed info of product purchases, return orders, expired drugs depending on desired timeline.

Distributor Administration Portal

Some hidden features of our platform.

Product catalog

Products are categorised on the basis of category, sub category and manufacturer with all the product information like name, images, price and description.

Pharmacy Management

Distributor can manage pharmacies affiliated to them and has a ability to customise discounting and credit rules along with tracking orders and sales.

Running list

 Distributor would be able to track the medicines added in the running list by the pharmacies and approve them when the stock is available.

Reports and analytics

 The portal provides reports on overall sales achieved, best selling products, best selling categories, and highest ordering pharmacies for desired timeline

Distributor routing

 Distributors would be able to identify the route map for their delivery guys to visit the pharmacies to supply medicines.

Order management

Distributor can process the products in running list as an order from approved to delivery status.At each order distributor can add products and apply discounts.


Distributor can chat with the pharmacies about the products and orders and also send promotional creatives in image formats.


Distributor can create schemes on products where purchase of certain quantity gives certain quantity free.EX: BUY 100 boxes and GET 10 free

Salient Features

Some hidden features of our platform.

3rd Party Integration

We support third-party integrations via APIs.


Our white-labelled apps can be customized as per client’s requirement.

Highly Scalable

The backend system is written to leverage the power of the cloud to scale. The backend solution is hosted on Windows Azure.


Apps and Backend Portal are designed with User Experience and Performance as key pillars

Angular JS Based Administration Portal

Administration portal is built using AngularJS technology.

Android & iOS Apps

Distributor Apps come in both Android & iOS Version. Both the versions are built in Native mode.

Order Process Flow

Engagement Process


Intro Meeting

Let’s get introduced. We would be obliged to understand your pain points and solve them!



We will demo you the Apps and Backend Platform.



We will customize the solution as per your branding as well as additional requirements.



If you like the demo and the features, let’s sign the contract.



We go live. Typically, if there are no integration with third parties and only basic branding changes, we will be able to go live within 2 Weeks time.


Production Phase

We take care of entire technical support and App & backend maintenance.

Get our demo app

Get it onGoogle Play

Distributor app

We provide a white-labeled solution for the pharma distributors( pharmacy wholesalers) to improve their business connectivity by providing an online platform, where pharmacies can order medicines through the mobile application and pharma distributors can process orders with utmost efficiency using our pharma distributor administration portal. Pharmacies can browse through product catalog (which displays available products with the distributor) and place an order anytime. Order updates are given by the distributor and pharmacies are informed about the confirmation of the order. The pharmacy distributor can track all the order details, customer details,and provide offers, schemes,and  maintain product catalog.

Product Catalogue

  • Products can be categorised on the basis of category,sub category and manufacturer.
  • Catalog provide complete information of products by name, price, images,manufacturer details,stock value,taxation,descriptions and schemes.
  • The catalog lists the products which are out of stock.
  • Pharmacist can directly add the products to running list from catalog.

Order Management

  • Approved: When the products from running list are avaiable with the distributor then the distributor approve them.
  • Processing: Approved products are getting billed and packed physically by the distributor.
  • Dispatched: After billing and packing is done the parcel is shared with the delivery partner for delivery.
  • Delivered: once the order delivery confirmation is provided by delivery partner then the order is marked delivered.
  • Completed: Once pharmacy approves that the order is delivered then the order is marked completed.
  • Pharmacies can return back the unrequired products using the return orders.
  • Pharmacies can ask for a credit an place an order on credit.
  • Pharmacies can get the digital invoice once order is processed

Chat with Distributor

  • Chat feature enables effective communication between pharma distributor and pharmacies.
  • Pharmacies can interact with distributor regarding their queries like cost of bulk medicines, delivery status, order medicines which are out of stock and many more.
  • Pharmacy can trigger chat from runninglist on a specific product to make an enquiry about it.
  • Pharmacy can send the images files in case of any document request from the distributor

Manage Running Lists

  • Depending on the required stock, pharmacy can add medicines to the running list by searching a product.
  • Running list displays products, price, quantity, time and date.
  • Pharmacies can also check the approved list for confirmation of their order products.
  • Pharamacy can have a info on the next approval time of the medicines by distributor and add products.
  • For emergency medicines which require immediate delivery pharamcy can mark them as priority in runninglist.


  • Distributor can create schemes on products where purchase of certain quantity gives certain qunatity free.EX: BUY 100 boxes and GET 10 free
  • Pharmacies can access schemes feature to know about the current available schemes and offers.
  • Pharmacist can place orders directly from schemes where depending on the scheme value the products are added to the running list.


  • Pharmacies can understand the business trend using sales reports.
  • Pharmacies can effectively manage their business by understanding the no of orders made and total money spend.
  • Pharmacies can take strategic decisions based on reports like total no of orders placed, total sales report, total orders and return orders.

ZibDX Admin Portal

Zibew distributor pharmacy connect platform is an online portal created for pharmacy distributors. Our portal enables pharma distributors to effectively manage their business with pharmacies by providing an online platform. Pharma distributors can automate their entire business online and provides their pharmacies with the convenience to order products with less human efforts and more efficiency.  Pharmacies place an order via their customer-centric app and distributors receive order details to the administration portal.

Product Catalog

  • Products can be categorised on the basis of category, sub category, manufacturer, health issues, generics, compositions and WHO-ATC standards.
  • Products can be listed at any level by product name, price, images, manufacturer details, stock value, taxation, descriptions and formulation.
  • The light weight inventory tracker helps to maintain product inventory and alerts distributor in case of low stock.
  • Distributor can add or delete a products, change the availability status of each product in product catalog.

Pharmacy Management

  • Distributor can add a Pharmacy with pharmacy name, pharmacist name, contact details, address and required license documentation to approve and make it active.
  • Distributor can make a pharmacy active / inactive depending on the requirement.
  • Distributor can track all the orders of the pharmacy and can track overall revenue generated by the pharmacy.

Running list

  • When a pharmacy add a medicine to the running list those medicines are received to the admin portal.
  • Distributor can set slots for approving medicines in the running list.
  • All the emergency medicines which require immediate delivery to the pharamcy can be seen as priority in runninglist.
  • Products approved in the running list are processed as orders for delivery.

Reports and analytics

  • Distributors can track analytics across all pharmacies they have onboard.
  • Reports can be generated on various specifications like successful orders, return orders, unsold products, most popular items, products by quantity and by price can be obtained.
  • Reports are provided in graphical notations to make them clear and simple.
  • Reports can be generated for completed orders, orders in progress and incomplete/cancelled orders.

Distributor Routing

  • Distributors would be able to identify the route map for their delivery guys to visit the pharmacies to supply medicine stock.


  • Our app provides built-in chat feature which enables efficient communication between distributors and pharmacies.
  • when pharmacy triggers chat about on a specific product to make an enquiry about it, the distributor can reply back via distributor chat from portal.
  • Distributor can send the text and images files to the pharmacy as per enquiry.


  • Distributor can create schemes on products where purchase of certain quantity gives certain qunatity free.EX: BUY 100 boxes and GET 10 free
  • Pharmacist can place orders directly from schemes where depending on the scheme value the products are added to the running list.
  • Distributor can track the performance of each scheme depending on the revenue generated.

Order Management

  • Order management is an important feature which enables distributors to manage their orders in a smooth and simple manner.
  • Order management consist of all the products of an order, the pharmacy details, time and date of the order purchased, total amount and status of the order.
  • Distributor can apply custom discounts on an order as per his business rules.
  • Distributor can update the order as per discussion with the pharmacist.
  • Distributors can process the order status depending upon the order priority.

For Business enqiuries please contact

Mohammed Abubakr

Founder & CEO

+91 8978604465

Paul Muthyala

Sales Manager

+91 9160121777

Jhansi Kalasani

HR Manager

+91 9491487314

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