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It is a powerful management tool used for effective pharmacy chains management. Administration portal is the centralized backend, where all the users, pharmacies and orders are tracked. Administration portal has various functionalities such as Product Catalogue Management, Pharmacy Management, User management, Order Management, Promotions & Discount Engine, Finance Management, and many more.

Administration portal Features:

Product catalog

A product catalog management is useful for categorizing products on a virtual platform. Product catalog management is a very tedious job for a traditional brick and mortar pharmacy chains. With the advent of Zibew Administration platform, management of virtual product catalog has never been easier. Many tools are provided as a part of product catalog management, which will help the administration team in managing the virtual product catalog. Product catalog consists of all the information regarding products like product manufacturer details, compositions, bulk edit products, product tags, and product reviews. The categories help the administration team in effective pharma management.

Pharmacy management

Pharmacy management’s most important work is to manage people and leave customers with positive feedback. Pharmacy chains often find it very difficult to manage their sub- pharmacies. Pharmacy management with Zibew administration app has made things easier. Administration can fully manage pharmacy people and till manage good customer feedback. Pharmacy management with the help of ZIbew administration app has proven results of more efficient management and minimized negative feedback. This helps in retaining old customers and not losing new customers. Pharmacy management efficiency will be improved drastically as all the results are transparent and clear with the help of analytical reports generated by Administration app.

User management and order management

The entire online pharmacy is highly dependant on user management and order management. User engagement and proper order tracking are essential for successful pharmacy business online. Many customers order medicines from the same pharmacy at any given time. Hence managing order list and processing with ease are crucial to run online pharmacy business. Zibew user management enables pharmacy administration to attain full control over all the transactions and customer classifications provided will ensure total efficient management. User management is equipped with multi classifications like customer roles, customer types, and customer reports which are most effective to manage a large group of customers with ease. The overall order management from ordering till delivery is effectively managed with the help of administration app.

Escalation engine

This is the most unique feature Zibew app contains. This acts as a kick start for all the orders to get processed quickly. Escalation engine helps in processing all the orders effectively and lighting fast to ensure good user experience. With the help of the escalation engine, customer orders are processed with minimal to no delay. This improves the reliability and overall efficiency of the order to be delivered. Escalation engine ensures customers are provided with best-in-class experience while using our app

Analytical dashboard

Analytical dash helps to track all the important information required by the administration team to get the best understanding of business. The analytical dashboard gets all data related to no of orders processed, frequency of orders in a day, week, month, quarterly, half yearly and annual. The dashboard consists of the latest received orders which help to understand the trend being followed in the market place. It consists of orders by popularity, no of medicines ordered the most in any part of the year. They help in generating reports based upon the popularity of product by the highest selling products quantity wise and price wise. These reports are very useful to understand the market and place products accordingly. Analytical dashboard collects data of unprocessed orders, and in progress, orders to understand success and failure rate of the pharmacy.


Reports are generated on parameters like no of orders, revenue, customers and other needed parameters. Reports are required by any pharmacy or pharmacy chain to understand the business condition and positioning in the market. Reports generated based on total orders can give a broad picture of total transaction happened from a specific period of time. Total revenue report helps in understanding the cash flow mechanism and to formulate better strategies for customer satisfaction. Report of customers can help identify loyal customers and reward their loyality in the form of coupons or discounts. Reports can be generated on orders processed successfully, orderes which are not processed, items which are never sold, most popular items by quantity, by price, and common health issues. This greatly improves pharmacies in understanding their customers and provide efficient services.


The administration portal is equipped with a game-changing feature of providing a discount and coupons specific to pharmacies. In a market place where competiton is very tough, providing discounts and coupons can be a real striking change. This will help improve the brand name of the pharmacy and provide better customer satisfaction. Discounts and coupons are proven methods to drastically improve online sales of a pharmacy and with Zibew’s best in class promotion service, stand undefeated in the market. Promotions can be in the form of coupons, discounts, newsletter subscribers, campaigns, referrals, and promotions.


Chat feature enables the administration to have a conversation/chat with customers and pharmacy chains manager of your pharmacy. The chat feature enables the administration to understand more about customers, their queries and any management related issues/perks. The chat feature is a booster for better pharmacy management. This helps to be engaged with the customers and pharmacy chain managers here by reducing the delay/ negative factors affecting the efficient delivery of medicines.

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