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Consumer app

Consumer app

Consumer app and portal are designed to let users order medicines online portal or via an app from the nearest pharmacy. The user interface is designed in such a way that users spend minimal time in ordering medicines online. Users typically spend around 20 seconds to order medicines and are assured of delivery from the concerned pharmacy using our pharmacy platform.

Consumer app and portal are equipped with stunning features which are not confined to just ordering of medicines. It acts as a total health care management app. It is useful as a personal health care assistant to track and save all the important medical documents.


Order medicines

It is our core feature which lets users order medicines online. Search can be performed by typing a specific product name in the search bar or can explore through the catalog of products and can select the number of medicines required. Users can select the type of product/medicine they are searching for from categorized options.

Health issues category

Users can search for medicines as per the health issues they are bound with. There is a separate catalog, where user can search medicines for their health issues and can buy nonprescription medicines directly. Common health issues and frequently prescribed medicines for those issues are listed, which would help the user make a better decision.

Select Pharmacy

Users can select their trusted/ preferred pharmacy nearby and can place an order directly. All the pharmacies associated are listed down and the user has privilege to select which pharmacy they would want to buy medicines from.Select a pharmacy nearby and upload the prescription if required and place an order and we will process it and deliver it to your doorsteps.

Refill Order

Users can refill their regular medical order with a single functionality, which can save a lot of time and efforts by the user. For Refilling medicines, users can update their prescription from the pharmacy online and can keep a regular flow of medicines without interruption. This ensures timely delivery of medicines and the user will face no problem in intake of prescribed medicines.

Pill reminders

Pill reminder is a very unique feature which will enable users to take the medication at the right time. This feature is part of healthcare management where users can set up pill intake timings based on pill image, color, shape, size and can set the pill dosage of intake. Users can set the days required for the pill intake and can add a recurring feature. The app will alert the pill intake timings to the user to ensure users are healthy and sound.

Health articles

Health articles are articles related to health care and personal care. These articles are very useful for the user to maintain a healthy routine and a good diet. Users can follow health articles regularly to be healthy and fit. New and verified articles are posted regularly keeping users intact with healthy habits. Articles are constantly updated depending upon seasonal care, environmental effects, ways to improve immunity to prevalent diseases and many more.

Health records

Health records are very important to track user past health issues and for a doctor to perform the better treatment. No more requirement of heavy files and never a case of forgetting any important document as Zibew understands the importance of health documents and hence provides one platform where all the important health documents can be stored and shared with unlimited storage. It is easy to access, safe, secure and private. Any kind of health document can be scanned and uploaded directly to the app. Health documents can be shared via all the available platforms like Gmail, Outlook and many more.


The most unique feature provided primarily for user convenience is a chat. Many times, users are not sure about what is the right medicine for their cure or have confusion in the right medication timings, that is when a user can interact with a pharmacist to solve their queries. Patients can enquire about medicines and allergic reactions and can understand better about their medication. The chat feature also enhances pharmacy and user relationship and builds a trust factor.

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