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Distributor app

What is Distributor app ?

White labeled catalog to app is created by Zibew for pharmacies and pharma distributors to come together in a single virtual platform and enhance their business henceforth. DPCP is spread like a wildfire and has become a boon ever since its first release in the market. Pharmacies need to login into the app with a verified pharmacy license to get started which confirms the authenticity of medicines being ordered. Pharmacies can browse through all the available catalogue of medicines available with a particular pharma distributor and can order required no of medicines with ease.

Salient features of distributor app

Product Catalogue

The product catalogue is a virtual display of all the products currently available with the pharma distributor. Pharmacies are equipped with the option of exploring all the products within the distributor and can add medicines to cart. This feature greatly reduces the time taken to order stock medicines from more than an hour to a maximum of five minutes. The app interface is very user-friendly and lets pharmacies order bulk medicines with ease at their fingertips.

Order Management

Order management is a very unique feature provided in the app for the pharmacies to order medicines in bulk. Pharmacies tend to buy medicines in bulk which will help them reduce purchase cost and time. Order management with DPCP is easier than ever. DPCP consists of my orders tab, where pharmacies can manage their orders list, can track their order delivery details and product details. Order placed can also be cancelled through the app itself. This reduces unwanted deliveries well within time. Cancelled orders and approval status are provided within the order management feature for better control over order management. All the essential information required to manage all the orders are listed down which are available at ease for pharmacies to manage in the most efficient way.Canceled

Chat with Distributor

One unique feature provided for the convenience of pharmacy for placing a bulk order and to get their queries solved is the all-new chat feature. With the help of the chat feature, pharmacies can have in-app communication required with the distributor. Chat feature gives pharmacies an added advantage over an offline purchase. It helps pharmacies gain knowledge about current market demand for a particular product, discounts, bulk order related confusion if any, and specific offers which vary from pharmacy to pharmacy based on the loyalty of purchase by engaging in a conversation with the distributor when required.

Manage Running Lists

Managing currently placed orders for a pharmacy can be a very tedious task as there are many medicines ordered by different distributors. Every order has a deadline and pharmacies should be in constant touch with different distributors to understand where their order is in place and delivery time estimation. Zibew DPCP app is provided with built-in functionality which makes managing running list a piece of cake. All the orders placed are confirmed through the app itself and their delivery status is updated from time to time. This mechanism improves the management of listings very conveniently and makes it easy to handle. This improves the overall pharmacy management of ordering bulk products easy and predictable.

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