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Zibew's Online Pharmacy Platform

Executive Summary

Zibew’s online pharmacy platform bridges the gap between consumers and pharmacy chains by providing an online platform, where pharmacies can sell their medicines online. Pharmacies and pharmacy chins can increase their business reach beyond geographical limitations with the help of our online pharmacy platform.

Challenges of Offline Pharmacies

Limited Reachability

Often, consumers have to travel long distances to buy medicines from the pharmacy.

Lack of awareness

Consumers end up searching for required medicines in many pharmacies due to the lack of visibility of available products with a particular pharmacy.

Communication errors

Consumers can not get their queries regarding any medicine get solved due to limited time availability and long queues.

Challenges of medicine delivery through call center

Prescription validity check

Prescriptions can not be verified when medicines are ordered via phone call.

Call Centers

To take medicine orders through a phone call, pharmacies have to rely on call centers. The call center has many challenges like lack of pharmacy knowledge person handling user orders, huge capital to run, heavy maintenance charges and many more. Medicine order involves time-consuming conversations, lack of clarity on the requirement and prone to human errors while noting the order.


Conto pharmacy chain is one of the largest offline pharmacy chains in the middle east. It has 100+ pharmacies affiliated. Conto pharmacy chains reach is limited to offline stores and geography. Conto customer base was 100,000 customers with a depreciation of 20% every year. Due to increase is competition and reduced pharmacy reach, profits have been declining.

Conto had decided to increase its reach to their customers beyond walk-ins and approached Zibew. Zibew provided the white-label solution for Conto pharmacies to go online. Zibew’s online pharmacy platform had enabled Conto pharmacy chain to take all the pharmacies online and drastically improved its customer reach in the middle east. After the partnership with Zibew, Conto customer base has seen a potential increase from 100,000 to 300,000 orders within a few months. Zibew’s online pharmacy platform has enabled Conto to reach customers beyond their geographical limitations.Conto was able to display all the available products and also products like wheelchair, medical instruments which enabled customers to gain awareness of what all products are available in Conto and consumers can walk in or order online. Today, Conto is the most trusted online pharmacy in the entire middle east and had successfully marked its online presence improving its overall sales and business opportunity.

What We Offered

We provide a white-label solution for pharma companies and pharmacy chains to sell their products online. Our platform offers Consumer app and consumer portal for users, Merchant app for pharmacies, and Backend Administration Portal for the management team. Consumers can search for medicines from our consumer app and order them, which will be processed by the pharmacy using our merchant app. Administration portal empowers the management team to manage aspects like product catalog, pharmacy, users, chat, orders and many more which helps the administration team to make strategic decisions for their business development.

Consumer Application

The consumer places an order either by searching for nearby pharmacies(Conto pharmacies) or uploading a prescription and the order is routed to nearby Conto pharmacy in the customer mobile application Pharmacist process the order and updates the status in merchant application. Conto administration team takes care of all the discounts, coupons, schemes, promotional offers, product catalogue, pharmacy management and consumer management through administration portal.

How it Works

How to order

Take a picture of the prescription given by the doctor and Upload it to our mobile app.

Consumer can search from the products, add medicines to the cart and order medicines.

User can search for pharmacies nearby and place an order.


Scan prescription

Consumers can upload doctor prescription and the pharmacist would verify the prescription and enter medicine names on behalf of the consumer.

Product catalog

Consumers can browse through the available products from the product catalog and place an order.
They can browse through the health issues category and order medicines based on the health issues they are searching for.

Health articles

Consumers can like, share and bookmark health articles posted in the application. Consumers can apply filters to their health articles to browse articles as per requirement.

Health records

Consumers can upload and store unlimited health documents in the application.

Refill orders

Chronic patients can refill their regular orders by just a single click.
Example: Diabetic patients can refill their monthly medication in Conto with just a single click instead of ordering the same medicines again and again.

Pill reminder

Pill reminder is a total health manager. It sends an alert to the consumer at the pill intake time scheduled by the consumer. It stores and displays skipped pill intake timings to ensure consumers are informed

Merchant application

The Merchant Application of the Conto pharmacies allows pharmacists to track all the orders received from the customers, perform order fulfillment tasks, update order status and generate financial reports

How to onboard


Ask all your pharmacy managers to download the application.


Ask them to register with the store email id or any specific email id of the pharmacy.


Ask them to enter all the details of the pharmacy which includes pharmacy name, address, discount percentage, and delivery radius.


Ask them to provide the required documentation.


Once verified provide them with the PIN number to access the app.

How will the pharmacy process an order?

Processing an order online is at the fingertips of every pharmacist. When an order is assigned to a pharmacist, status is updated with the following

When an order is placed to a pharmacy until the pharmacy accepts the order the default status of an order is pending.

When the pharmacy views the order and able to deliver the order it can update the order to confirmed.

When the pharmacy is packing the order then the order can be updated to processing

When the delivery packet is dispatched from the pharmacy then the order status can be updated to dispatched.

When the order is marked delivered by the delivery partner then the order status will the updated to delivered.

when the order is received by the consumer and the updates as order received then the order is completed.

Both the consumer and pharmacy can cancel the order with a valid reason.

Administration Portal

The administration portal is a potential pharmacy management tool which is created for pharmacy chains to manage overall orders, sales, user management, order tracking, generating financial reports and much more. Administration portal is used for effective pharmacy management which increases the overall ability to strategise business plans to improve pharmacy sales


Product catalog management

Conto pharmacy administration team can create categories wise product database with various parameters required i.e. Cost, SKUID, prescription/non-prescription, etc.

Escalation engine

The support team of Conto pharmacy chain can escalate the unattended orders to the next level depending on the escalation rules created by the administration team to process the orders without any hassle. With the help of the escalation engine, the order placed by the consumer had never went unattended which ensured prompt delivery of medicines to customer.

Analytical dashboard

Conto pharmacy Administration can generate analytical reports based on orders, sales, consumers and pharmacies associated with it. Reports can be generated on the following

  • Total number of sales.
  • Sales upon desired timeline.
  • Total number of orders.
  • Number of orders based upon desired timeline.
  • Total number of unsuccessful orders.
  • Unsuccessful orders based on desired timeline.
  • Most popular products.
  • Least popular/ unsold products.
  • Consumer based reports.
  • Pharmacy based reports.
  • Unsold products.
  • Expired medicines.
  • Products by quantity.
  • Products by price.

Order management

Conto pharmacy administration can track all the order details, order status, number of orders made, amount of each order, completion status of an order, and orders generated by a particular pharmacy

Pharmacy management

Conto pharmacy administration can add any particular pharmacy to their pharmacies list by entering the pharmacy name, pharmacist name, contact details, address and required license documentation to approve and make it active. Conto pharmacy can track overall revenue generated by the pharmacy and track all the orders of the pharmacy

Stock Management

Conto pharmacy has been able to manage internal stock of the store with detailed analysis of expiry dates and current stock levels and view all the orders placed by consumers with product details. Administration team can track the following:

  • Order details
  • Status of the order
  • Number of orders made
  • Amount of each order
  • Completion status of an order
  • Orders generated by a pharmacy


Conto pharmacy can create discount coupons and promote the pharmacy for the growth of their business.

Web portal management

Conto pharmacy can customise and manage entire web portal from the admin portal.


Administration can chat with the customers and pharmacy chain managers of all the pharmacies affiliated to the Pharma chain.


Administration can generate reports of the desired timeline on:

  • orders
  • Revenue
  • customers
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmacists
  • Products
  • Sales
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