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Merchant app

Merchant app

Merchant app has a simple and clear user interface which is easy to use and safe to access.Pharmacy needs to update the app with a pharmacy license which gets verified by our executive. This feature enables totally reliable pharmacies which increases customer satisfaction. The Merchant App for the pharmacies allows users to track the orders received from the customers, perform order fulfillment functions and track financial reports. Merchant App also has inbuilt functionality to track prescriptions which are uploaded by the customers, so that pharmacist can review the authenticity of a prescription.

Merchant App Features:

Order processing

When customers place an order, pharmacist check for the authenticity of the prescription. Medicines which do not require a prescription are processed right away. Multiple queues might be formed depending upon demand and all can be handled with ease using our app. The user interface is designed in such a way that the user needs to put minimal effort to process an ordering. Orders are tracked from the ordering phase till the delivery phase to ensure quality service is provided to their customers. By providing fast and reliable delivery of medicines, the pharmacy can maintain a good relationship with their customers which in turn increase customer satisfaction. All the orders processed via the app are stored in the history tab, where user can make useful reports regarding the demand and supply of medicines in a particular store.

Business reports

One most unique feature offered to a merchant is the provision of Zibew analytical report. Zibew takes pride in developing an algorithm which generates most accurate reports extensively used for sales and marketing of a pharmacy. The pharmacy can track the order process rate which is very useful to understand the marketplace and develop strategies required to increase the sales of a particular pharmacy. Reports generated can also be used to understand the overall revenue flow as per scheduled time and date preference. Analytical reports help to gauge the profit loss ratios which can be very useful for implementing strategic decisions by the pharmacy. Analytical reports help pharmacy in understanding which geographical area has more demand/need and which has less.

Chat feature

The chat feature is a unique feature provided for pharmacy convenience. User can interact with the pharmacist through the app and can add/delete medicines if required. The pharmacy can have good interaction with people, which will help them in better understanding of customer needs. Using the chat feature, customer queries can be resolved in a better and convenient way.

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