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MoCehat is a Jakarta based pharmacy marketplace that does home delivery of medicines to customers across Indonesia. Apart from home delivery of medicines, MoCehat aims to increase the health awareness and medical adherence among the customers via innovative features such as Step Tracker, Pill Reminders, Health Articles, etc. Launched in 2017 with a small pilot in Jakarta, MoCehat has fast expanded to become the top player in Online Pharmacy Space in Indonesia. MoCehat App is available for download for customers in both Android & iOS.

Features of MoCehat App

Order Medicines by Uploading Prescriptions

Users can take a picture of the prescription given by the doctor using smartphone camera and upload in MoCehat app to order medicines.

Order medicines by choosing favourite pharmacy

Users can browse through various pharmacies available in their region and order medicines from that pharmacy.

Health Records

Users can upload medical records on the app to keep them safe, secure and easily accessible.

Order medicines by adding items to cart

Users can search the names of the medicines or navigate using Health Issue Categories to find the medicines and add it to cart. For prescription medicines, users also need to upload the copy of prescription to order medicines.

Set-up Pill Reminders

Users can set-up pill reminders so that MoCehat App can give them an alert on when to consume the medicines.

Health Articles

Users can go through various articles on health issues and learn about necessary precautions and ways to get healthier.

Step Tracker Earn Points by Walking More

Step tracker is one of the innovative features in MoCehat App, which does the following

Track Step Count per Day

Leadership Board Based on Steps Walked per day

Challenge Each Other on Step Count

Form Groups & Challenge Each Other

Participate in Global Challenges

Earn Rewards by Redeeming Step Count

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