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Zibew Online Pharmacy Platform

Zibew Online Pharmacy Platform provides a full-scale solution to launch on Online Pharmacy in a given geography, enabling end users to order medicines online and receive orders either from the nearest pharmacy or the pharmacy selected by the users.

User Interface of the Consumer App

Zibew CRM App

Zibew CRM App is a lightweight customer relationship management app, that enables backend administrators to respond to the queries of the customers. Various roles for the backend administrators can be configured in the CRM App. For example, below are the standard roles we enable in the CRM app:

  • Pharmacist: Any queries of the customer related to medicines or drugs are responded by Pharmacists.
  • Operations Support: Any queries of the customer related to order delivery, missing products, etc are answered by Operations Support.
  • Technical Support: Any queries of the customer related to app crashes or installation issues are answered by Technical Support.
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