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Innovation @ Zibew: What we are doing for the COVID-19 situation?

The entire human race is today combating the challenge of Corona Virus. Majority of us of read about Spanish Flu and other plagues during our school education. Majority of us had an impression that those flus and plagues were the issues of the past and we are now living in a technologically advanced era. The challenge of Corona Virus has been a huge wake up for all of us.

We at Zibew has been trying to figure out solutions to combat COVID-19 in our own capacity. Since the inception of Zibew, we have always emphasized the importance of innovation and it is now within the culture and DNA of the company that we continuously exhibit innovation. As the Coronavirus was spreading in early March, we created an innovative mobile app that primarily performs the following two functions:

1.      Symptoms Analyzer

2.      Infection Probability Calculation

Symptoms Analyzer was designed as per the guidelines of WHO. Whereas Infection Probability Calculations were done using an algorithm we wrote based on historical data such as previous health conditions of the patient, age, gender, travel history, etc. The App was released around mid of March (March 15th) for people to download. Unfortunately, both Google & Apple did not allow the App on their stores because of the blanket ban policy they introduced. Only the Apps certified by the government agencies and international healthcare agencies such as WHO was allowed.

While it was disheartening to not have our app approved on the Google and Apple stores, we went ahead and released the private APK (Android version) for the benefit of the people. We primarily saw the following advantages of our App:

1.      The App worked perfectly in the offline environment compared to a web version. This enables people in rural areas without an internet connection to use the app.

2.      The App could help authorities at public gathering situations such as railway stations, ports, malls, etc. to do quick symptom check and let people in.

A short video of the Coronavirus Symptoms Analyzer App developed by Zibew:

Roadmap Ahead

Since March 15th, we have been reaching out to various government authorities in multiple countries as well as healthcare institutions with the proposal for the following solutions:

1.      GPS Tracking of the patients who have been tested positive and ensuring that they aren’t spreading the virus by not being quarantined. Government authorities would be able to visualize the presence of the patients on a map and track their movements. If the patients move out of the quarantined area, government authorities would get an alert. Moreover, the patients have to record a selfie every 4-6 hours, to confirm his/her presence in the quarantined area.

2.      We observed that a significant number of medical personnel were getting infected of Coronavirus because of the patients. We felt that remote monitoring of the patient body vitals, as well as teleconferencing solution, can greatly reduce the infection rates for the medical personnel. We are ready to offer this solution for any government and healthcare agency that is willing to consider this.

Engage Zibew

If you are a pharmaceutical company or a government agency, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you in these difficult times. We have the capability of building cutting edge solutions at a tremendously rapid rate. The entire team of Zibew is committed to the cause of combating Coronavirus. Reach us at or We will get back to you immediately.

Stay safe!

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