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Take your Pharmacy Chain online using Zibew’s Online Pharmacy Platform

Are you a Pharmacy chain?  Have you heard the news about Amazon acquiring Pillpack that does home delivery of medicines for $1 billion?  Yes, Amazon is getting into home delivery of medicines. And so are many other companies.


The E-commerce wave is now about to take over the pharmacy industry.  Customers want home delivery of medicines, especially Chronic patients who tend to buy the same set of medicines each month.


It’s time for Pharmacy chains to get online, set-up e-stores and does home delivery of medicines.


Why every pharmacy chain must have an online presence?

  • Customers want home delivery of medicines
  • Beat the Competition by offering Online Experience. 
  • Get more out of your existing pharmacies
  • Easy to Scale Online than setting up New Outlets.
  • Retain your customers via Value-added features

Zibew’s Online Pharmacy Platform is the game-changing solution for Pharmacy chains. Zibew’s Online pharmacy platform enables pharmacy chains to set-up their online store, consisting of mobile apps and web solution within a matter of days.


The platform allows pharmacy chains to do home delivery of medicines and medical products either directly from the warehouse or from the nearest pharmacy in your pharmacy network.


We support both (1) Home Delivery or (2) Pick-up at Store models


The Solution consists of


  1. White labeled mobile apps and website for the Consumers
  2. Apps for the Pharmacies and Warehouses
  3. Administration portal for the Back office operations
  4. CRM app for Pharmacists & Operations team members


Zibew’s Online Pharmacy Platform comes with tons of value-added services, that will make your customers hooked to the app. The users can


  • Track medications
  • Set up pill reminders and alerts
  • Track their health records
  • Track their health vitals
  • Set-up Care Circles of family members and assistants
  • Interact with Pharmacists to get help
  • And many more.


Moreover, our platform easily integrates with your backend ERP, POS and CRM Solutions.


Founded by a team of Ex-Microsoft employees and funded by Executives from SAP and JDA background, our platform is tried and tested across multiple geographies.  We have provided our solution to the clients in  India, Indonesia and Philippines. The platform itself can be localised to any country! 


Using our platform, our clients have delivered 250,000 medicines to over 75,000 customers. Over 750 pharmacies are enrolled on our platform. 


Our Portfolio includes

  • BookMEDS  (Logos will be shown) 
  • MoCehat
  • EMedSure


Get your Pharmacy chain online now with our award-winning Online Pharmacy Platform.  Talk to us today. 


+91 8978604465

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